Emma and David Bates

A husband and wife team focused on helping small businesses grow.

We've been married for over 15 years...

It’s been a dream to work together for a long time and we are thrilled to finally be making it happen. 

With three kids, a dog and our dedication to community involvement, we know we have the communication skills to make it happen. 

Our complementary skills can help your business.

Emma’s been in the online marketing world for four years and handles all the tech and copywriting. 

David has experience in administration and research so he handles the backend of the business and any research that needs to be done. 

Family is everything.

Our goal is to help you grow your business to help support your family, just as we are supporting ours. 

We are passionate about finding balance between business and life. If you need help offloading some of your marketing tasks so you can have more time for family and friends, schedule a call to see how we can help!

Meet our team

Online Business Manager

Angie Askelsen

Angie is a certified online business manager and lover of all types of organization. As the owner of Angie Askelsen OBM, she uses her experiences of starting and leading several non-profit organizations while also homeschooling her four daughters to ensure that her clients’ businesses operate efficiently. When she’s not managing her clients’ teams or streamlining and automating their processes, you can find her enjoying time with her family, spending time outdoors, or baking in the kitchen.

Marketing Assistant

Berit Brown

Berit is a recent graduate of Hampshire College where she spent the last year writing a senior thesis on feminism as a marketing strategy while building a website to host it. When not watching advertisements, Berit enjoys tending to her collection of houseplants, listening to podcasts, and going on long walks to find the best old houses.

Digital Marketing

Kristina Hathaway

Kristina is a digital marketing strategist specializing in Facebook ads, funnels and email marketing. She uses her experiences in corporate marketing, sales, and small business ownership to help other business owners plan and execute digital marketing strategies that attract leads and grow their business. When not on her laptop, Kristina enjoys hiking through the New Hampshire woods with her husband, 12 year old twins and dog, Cooper.

Virtual Assistant

Alison Lange

Alison is the owner of Organized Motherhood and Project Management for Bloggers. When she’s not sharing cleaning tips for type A moms on her blog or creating images for Pinterest, you can find her riding in a tractor with her husband and two kids.

Tech and Design

Jay Scott

Jay Scott is a creative specializing in brand development, web design, and lifestyle and street photography. After starting his career working with small businesses and universities, he developed a passion for helping people discover their passions, pursue their dreams and challenging people to be the best versions of themselves they can be. When he’s not designing or consulting, he’s spending time with his family, learning something new, or finding something to watch on Netflix. Jay is the owner of creative studio, Urban Prep

Social Media Manager

Jessie Sledge

Jessie is a budding Social Media Manager and owner of Only Everything Shop on Etsy. She is a true creative spirit: she enjoys sewing, crafting, writing, and photography. Jessie lives in sunny Colorado with her high school sweetheart, two sweet kids, and their handsome pup, Kobe.

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