What is a Tripwire? The Simple Way to Make Money While Building Your List

What is a tripwire? Have you heard the term but are confused as to what it actually is?

Getting started in digital marketing can be like learning a new language. There are so many terms and sometimes multiple terms for the same thing!

Watch this video for a brief overview of what is a tripwire and how it can help your business.

What is a tripwire?

A tripwire or upsell is a product that you offer to someone directly after they subscribe to a freebie to encourage them to become a paying customer.

“People who purchased tripwires were 10 times more likely to purchase their core offer.”

According to DigitalMarketer.com

This is usually a low priced offer and often presented as a large percentage off the full price. Tripwires can be priced anywhere from $5 to about $29. This should be an impulse purchase and priced higher than $29 people start to think about the purchase more.

This key to selling a tripwire is to have it very closely related to whatever the reader just signed up to get for free. So, a workbook that goes with a free ebook, or a mini-course on the same topic as a free checklist.

Bundles of a few lower-priced products offered a discount can be a great tripwire too.

Helpful, not salesy

I don’t want you to think tripwires are sleazy. A successful tripwire will be a high-value product for your customers. We are not trying to trick anyone into giving up their money for nothing. In fact, a tripwire should give them more than they expect.

You want to set yourself up as the go-to resource for your topic which means providing your audience with amazing content. A good tripwire will bring a new subscriber back over and over again.

If you use a good email system (like ConvertKit) then you can tag anyone who doesn’t purchase your tripwire and send them an email sequence with more information about the product and how it can help them.

Then, you can offer the tripwire again at a slightly higher price at the end of that email sequence.

Tripwire Resources

As I mention in the video, there are a bunch of different ways to create and sell a tripwire. A few of my favorites are:

The Complete Blogger Template Toolkit

The Product Creators Ultimate Toolbox




So now you know what a tripwire is! Have you come up with an idea for your first tripwire?

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